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Health Events • Fitness Management • Corporate Trainings

Find me in the following Leadership Roles:

Program Director

Dancing With Our Future Stars


A 501(c)3 Non-Profit bringing Dance and Physical Education to Ventura County elementary students at no cost to the schools with music, equipment, prizes, and certificates provided!

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Health & Wellness Director

E3 Wellness Center


An adult day program for people with developmental disabilities offering health and wellness programs and activities to reinvent the world of behavioral management programs.

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Event Administrator

Community Events


Active efforts to support the greater good including Fundraisers for Charitable Causes, Corporate Retreats for Team Development, and Cultural Events for Community Enrichment.

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Rebuild Health Academy


An online Health and Fitness training academy dedicated to the health promotion of Ventura County with

FREE and paid online and in-person Health, Wellness, & Safety course offerings.

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